Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Retirement Celebration for Ben Alvarez

Pearce Community Center Director Ben Alvarez will retire from Pearce April 30 after many years of service. The Pearce board of directors is hosting an open house for Alvarez on Saturday, April 22 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to come wish Ben and his wife Terri well.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Monthly Senior Potluck

Pearce will host the monthly senior potluck at noon on Tuesday, April 25. All seniors are invited to bring a side dish and their own table service and join in the fun. Fried chicken and drinks are provided. This month, musical entertainment will be provided by Mary Sherwood on piano.

Closed Easter Sunday

Pearce will be closed Sunday, April 16 for Easter.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


By Raquel "Rocky" Herron, Fitness Manager
Sweat; that beautiful, glistening substance that lets us know we're working! I see a good deal of sweat in my profession and I couldn't be happier! Sweat shows me that people are working hard and bettering their bodies one bead at a time. 

Why exactly do we sweat and why do some sweat more than others? How do different environments affect our sweat?  Are there special clothes I should wear to help with sweating? These are some questions I've been asked before, and I thought I'd give a lesson in all things sweat. Sit back, get comfortable, and let's dive into the wonderful world of sweat!
Sweating is a physiological response to exercise. As our bodies heat up, moisture is excreted through our pores and then evaporates, thus cooling us. Why does it seem that some people sweat more than others? There are several factors that affect sweating. According to, such factors include: intensity of work, as in, how hard you're exercising, as well as the environment you're working out in. Obviously a hotter environment will lend to more sweat. Gender also plays a role, as males tend to sweat more than females. Higher body fat percentages are said to increase the amount of sweat, as higher percentages act as an insulator, which increases core temperature. Ok, so now we know why we sweat and what increases the amount of sweat, so what can we do about it?
It's important to pick out the proper clothing when working out. Sweat-wicking material is a must! Technical shirts and dry-fit material reign superior in helping us feel cooler when working out. Generally speaking, 100% cotton is not our friend when working out, whether its socks or shirts. Cotton tends to weigh us down as it gets wet, plus, as Women's Health points out, "...cotton duds can cause chills and skin irritation or body breakouts." If you're serious about working out, invest in some great workout clothing and your body will thank you.
Last, but not least, I must mention the important issue of hydration. Knowing you'll be sweating, and especially if you're walking into a warmer workout environment, it is essential to hydrate before, during, and after exercise. Since excess fluid will be leaving your body, you must prepare beforehand by making sure you're properly hydrated. Coming into a workout dehydrated will not make for an enjoyable experience. 
Sometimes it's just plain uncomfortable to sweat, but it's essential in the cooling process! Sweating is a natural occurrence that shows us our bodies are working.  Some may sweat more than others, and as we've seen, there are reasons to explain that. To help with sweating, proper workout clothing and hydration are a must!  And as always, listen to your body.  If it's saying, "slow down," then do just that.  If you're newer to exercise, you'll need to go slower than someone who has been at it for a while. 

Thanks for spending some time with me.  Now go get your sweat on!

Senior Strong Cross Training Returns

Pearce will launch Senior Strong, a cross training program for seniors. This one-hour class will feature cross-training techniques tailored to mature adults to help them gain greater strength, endurance, and flexibility to perform everyday tasks with ease. Squats will strengthen legs which will help improve ability to climb stairs and sitting to a couch or toilet; overhead press exercises will make it easier to reach overhead to get something out of a cabinet; and stretching and mobility exercises will improve range of motion to be able to reach down and pick something up off the floor.
Senior Strong will meet each Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. beginning May 2. The cost is $37.50 per month for Foundation members; $50 per month for members; and $62.50 per month for non-members

Monday, April 10, 2017

Summer Camp Registration in Full Swing

As the kids return to school after spring break, everyone's thoughts turn to the next break: SUMMER! Where to go on vacation, buying new shorts and a swim suit, getting the boat ready, and registering children for Summer Camp at Pearce. 

Registration began March 1 and is setting a record pace. Operations Director Carie McIntyre explains the reason for the camp's success. "We have a very high quality program." 

McIntyre focuses on three key areas to build quality: curriculum, staff, and value. The curriculum is diverse and provides a variety of ways for campers to interact with the subject matter. Reading, science, and math are core subjects, but cursive handwriting will also be presented along with yoga, and art. Although there is not a lecture period and text book, responsibility and social development are a large part of the curriculum and taught in every aspect of camp. And what would summer be without fun? Swimming, field trips, organized and free play, dodge ball, and inside and outside games provide campers with a well-rounded day.

Exceptional Summer Camp counselors bring this curriculum to life. Intelligent and motivated, summer camp counselors represent some of the brightest young adults in our community. Kyle Kerr and Sophia Vojta are just two examples of the staff members who spend their summer with Pearce campers. 
Kyle Kerr

Kyle is a full-time nursing student in his junior year at Methodist College in Peoria. After graduation, he would like to practice psychiatric nursing.

Kyle joined Pearce in 2013. He has served as a counselor in Summer Camp, Day Camp, and Before and After School Care. He has supervised the Exergame Room, dance parties, and many other youth activities and events. When he's not with the children, you can find him at the front desk, greeting members and answering questions. Kyle has also earned the Members First award for excellence in member service.

During high school, Kyle served as vice-president of the student body and president of Key Club. He was a member of the marching and jazz bands, National Honor Society, and president of the Spanish National Honor Society. In college, Kyle is a member of the Student Nurse's Association and Student Government Association and has earned a spot on the honor roll.
Sophia Vojta

This summer will be Kyle's fifth year as a counselor. "I enjoy watching the campers grow up," says Kyle. "And I like being a positive influence in their lives to help shape them into kind and compassionate adults."

Sophia Vojta grew up participating at Pearce in soccerbasketballand After School care.

Sophia is currently a senior at IVC where she is a member of the National Honor Society and the German National Honor Society. She is also captain of the Chillicothe Girl's Rugby team and in cheerleading, band, and two choir groups. After graduation, she will attend Bradley University to study Music Business.
Priscilla Reny

Her involvement in Summer Camp began in 2013 as a volunteer junior counselor. In 2015, she became a camp counselor. "I love working with the kids because there is never a dull moment," says Sophia. "There is always something exciting happening or something silly to laugh about! We work hard to make Pearce a fun and constructive environment."

Leading the Camp staff this year will be Priscilla Reny as the Youth Programs Coordinator. Priscilla joined Pearce last year, teaching tumbling and working as a counselor. She also led last year's Extra Fun Specialty Camp Braids, Bows, & Beautiful Nails. Our youth programs will benefit from her background in healthcare, art, and dance